Beginners Guide to Telescopic and Travel Rods


You’re dreaming of going fishing on calm lakeside mornings, getting the feel of a light tug on the line, and the excitement of pulling a big fish is rising. Turning that dream into reality is extremely easy if you have the essential piece of gear: the rod. Now, selecting the appropriate rod can seem intimidating to novices. But fear not, fellow budding anglers; today, this guide will take you through the basics of telescopic and travel rods. Understanding the benefits of the two will help you choose the ideal one.

The Portability Factor

Rods are available in various sizes and forms, but telescopic and travel poles are apt for individuals who value portability and ease. Be it for a weekend excursion or a fast journey to a neighbouring dock, both rods can add more to your experience.

travel rod

The Compact Advantage of Telescopic Rods

As the name suggests, these rods fold up to be incredibly small in size and are generally considered little powerhouses. Being easy to store and use, these rods are ideal for beginners or fishermen who don’t have a lot of storage space. They’re also affordable, making them the perfect choice for starting out.

However, the compactness of this rod has its limitations. Compared to travel rods, they usually have fewer sections, which question the durable performance of the rod. This implies that they might not be the greatest option when it comes to fighting trophy fish or certain tactics that call for a stronger rod. These rods also need a little more maintenance. If not properly cleaned, sand and dirt caught in the different components might cause damage.

Travel Rods: Performance On The Go

They offer a combination of portability and performance, allowing you to witness the best of both worlds. These rods come in several disassembled portions (typically four to eight) for ease of transportation. Furthermore, they are slightly larger than telescopic rods, but they have one very important advantage: adaptability. Travel rods are available in different lengths and actions, so you may customise your rod to fit a particular type of fishing, such as bottom fishing for catfish or light lure fishing for trout. Moreover, they are perfect for rough locations because they are typically more robust than their telescopic cousins.

The cost in kind? When compared to certain telescopic choices, travel rods may cost more. Additionally, they require a little more time to assemble and disassemble. However, travel rods are a great option for the angler who values performance above all else and needs a rod that can be adjusted to suit various fishing conditions.

Telescopic Rod

Selecting the Ideal Companion: Telescopic Rod vs. Travel Rod

So, what’s the best rod? Just like anything else, the answer is based on your particular needs. Here’s what you can consider:

  • Fishing Style: Do you prefer to fight large fish with bulky bait or pursue finesse fishing with lighter lures?
  • Species of Interest: Different fish need different rod strength and action, i.e., how much it can bend.
  • Budget: A Travel rod is more versatile for the money, but a telescopic rod can be more expensive.
  • Storage Space: While travel rods take up a little more space, telescopic rods are the most space-saving option.


With the right fishing pole, you can conquer the fishing world! This is the best pastime, which brings plenty of benefits, from the excitement of catching a fish to the peacefulness of being outdoors. To select the best one, you can go online and search Fishing Tackle store in UK , you will get enough choices to select the best ideal travel or telescopic rod. Recall that it’s okay to start small. You’ll be reeling in catches and making memories in no time with a little practice and the correct equipment.

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