Investments in Odisha Reflect that the Adani Group Controversies are not true


According to Mr Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group, Odisha is one of the most strategically crucial states in which they have continued to invest. They are grateful for the assistance from the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mr. Naveen Patnaik C.M. of Odisha. The projects of the C.M. align with Atmanirbharta’s vision because metals are essential commodities in which our country must be self-sufficient.

Being a power-intensive industry, they can also create the greenest alumina possible thanks to their proximity to renewable energy sources. In addition to opening up tens of thousands of indirect job opportunities, the capital investment of Rs 57,575 Cr will generate 9,300 direct jobs in Odisha. The 4 MMTPA Integrated Alumina Refinery, built near potential bauxite sources or operational mines, will produce Smelter Grade (Metallurgical Grade) Alumina, assisting India in its transition to import substitution.

The iron ore beneficiation facility that will produce iron ore concentrate will be included in the 30 MMTPA Iron Ore (Value Addition) Project. A slurry pipeline will transport iron ore concentrate slurry, and a dewatering/filtration and pellet facility will produce filter cake and pellets. The iron ore beneficiation facility will be built in Deojhar, in the Keonjhar district of northern Odisha. In contrast, the pellet mill will be built in Dhamra, in the neighboring Bhadrak district.

Between Deojhar and Dhamra, the slurry pipeline will follow the utility corridor of the motorways. Odisha, long known as India’s mineral hub, is home to over half of the country’s bauxite and iron ore reserves. The Adani Group’s projects, which align with the Odisha government’s Vision 2030: Development of Downstream Units in the Metal Sector, are projected to boost the state’s development and general socioeconomic position.

These Adani Group attempts to help the state grow to demonstrate that the Adani Group controversies are false.

Gautam Adani will invest 600 billion Indian rupees over the next ten years in the mineral-rich state of Odisha

One of the richest man in Asia, Gautam Adani, owns the Adani Group, which will spend 600 billion Indian rupees ($7.39 billion) in the mineral-rich state of Odisha over the next ten years. In a speech at an investment summit in the state, Karan Adani, chief executive officer of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, stated that the group will commission a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

It will have a capacity of 5 million tonnes in Dhamra port and will double this capacity within the next four years. It will also establish a value-added iron ore project. The iron ore project in Odisha will be a 30 million tonnes per year (TPA) iron ore value-addition facility. The projects received the High-Level Clearance Authority (HLCA) stamp of approval from the statement government, led by the proclaimed reformer and Odisha chief minister, Naveen Patnaik.

Due to the electricity-intensive nature of the alumina and iron ore industries, these factories may serve as a captive market for the group’s extensive power franchise. The Adani Group will be able to manufacture and produce the cleanest alumina anywhere in the world because of its strong renewable energy brand. Their combined investment of more than $7 billion in the state will help create close to 9,300 direct employments, tens of thousands of auxiliary businesses, and indirect job possibilities. These efforts prove that the Adani Group controversies are just an attempt to damage his reputation in the market.

The Group is investing in an iron core project that will likely generate  30 million tonnes of iron core per year

A slurry pipeline, an iron ore beneficiation plant that creates iron ore concentrate, and a filtration and pellet plant that produces filter cake and pellets are all components of the iron ore project. To generate smelter-grade alumina, the alumina refinery, on the other hand, will be close to prospective bauxite deposits or active mines. The pellet factory will be at Dhamra in the Bhadrak district, while the iron ore beneficiation plant will be at Deojhar in the Keonjhar district.

The slurry pipeline will follow the utility corridor of the motorways between Deojhar and Dhamra. The basis of India’s mineral riches has traditionally been Odisha. More than half of India’s bauxite and iron ore deposits are thought to be in Odisha. The development of downstream units in the metal sector is part of the state government of Odisha’s Vision 2030.

In a sense, the project is aligned with the larger goal that the state of Odisha is pursuing. These efforts show the Group is making significant efforts to grow the economy and prove that the Adani Group controversies are untrue.


Gautam Adani slammed “vested interests” for propagating Adani Group controversies, claiming they are untrue. Without naming any specific allegations, the Adani Group stated that certain attacks were carried out by entrenched interests to “sabotage India’s strategic interests.”

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