India vs Bangladesh Highlights, World Cup 2023


An exciting encounter took place between India vs Bangladesh in the 2023 World Cup. Because to Virat Kohli’s incredible century, India won for the fourth time in a row. On a Thursday, they defeated Bangladesh by seven wickets in a Pune encounter. India’s quest for 257 runs got off to a fast start as both skipper Rohit Sharma and opener Shubman Gill struck half-centuries. Notably, Rohit Sharma remained at the top of India’s scoring chart for the duration of the competition.

The bowlers from India put on an outstanding display in the same match, restricting Bangladesh to a score of 256/8. Bangladesh had difficulties as the innings went on, despite having a strong start with Tanzid and Litton. At first, it looked like they would easily reach 300, but Bangladesh was unable to do so because of the important middle overs that the Indian spinners played.

After winning the toss, Bangladesh chose to bat first. Shanto will captain the team in place of Skipper Shakib, who is sidelined by an injury for the visitors. When India plays Bangladesh, they’ll be trying to maintain their winning record.

Live score for India vs. Bangladesh: captains speaking

Rohit Sharma: We were anticipating this win, and it was a fantastic one. Although we didn’t get off to a good start, the men improved in the middle and towards the finish of the innings. You can control it by giving it your all; our fielding has been excellent in every one of these games. The bowlers were astute enough to know how long to bowl. Though Jaddu was excellent with the ball and the catch, a hundred is always better. Speaking of dressing room awards, we’re doing well as a team and have a medal for every performance on the pitch, which inspires everyone to perform well. 

Hardik pulled up a little sore, but nothing too serious to be concerned about. We’ll wait and see how he arrives tomorrow morning before deciding how to proceed. Every member of the team has experienced pressure; large crowds are expected; the stands are packed; they have not let us down; they have been outstanding; as the game progresses, I have no doubt that their voices will grow louder.

Najmul Shanto: India has always been a strong team with a lot of talent, and they demonstrated this today. Although I believe we didn’t play our best cricket, all teams are good, and hopefully we’ll play better in the future. He’s getting along well with Shakib and ought to be ready for the upcoming game. Both Tanzid and our bowlers played excellent batting; the issue is that we struggled to finish with the bat. If Litton had stayed a little bit longer, the game would have been different; the batting group needs to assume more responsibility.

Live score for India vs Bangladesh: Gill PC

I was disappointed to be sick, but I was glad to be well again.

We discussed how we are not chasing well prior to the World Cup. I hope the momentum continues.

Regarding KL’s ability to catch and keep wickets, we have all witnessed his continuous improvement and his performance behind the stumps.

In the process, I shed a few kilogrammes. Hope to obtain it in the future: Gill after a dengue

Our bowlers, particularly our spinners, are making significant progress, which has been vital for us. We had anticipated a score of at least 300 when Bangladesh was batting, but the spinners came back into the game.

Pitch didn’t seem to alter all that much. The batting wicket was good. Rohit bhai is blazing hot right now, batting extraordinarily well.

Battling with Rohit: One thing I pick up from them is how they conduct business. Their mentality is, particularly during major games. I aim to take notes from them.

Player of the match for India vs. Bangladesh in real time

Virat kohli

The Virat Kohli I apologise for taking Jaddu’s PoTM award; I wanted to contribute significantly. Despite not really converting them, I have had a few fifty-score innings in World Cups. As I have done for the team over the years, I just wanted to play the entire game this time and stay in until the very end. I was telling Shubman that even if you dream about such a scenario, you won’t take it seriously and will simply go back to sleep. For me, the first four balls, two free hits, a six, and a four were a dream start. Simply relaxes you and lets you play the innings. 

I could play my game on the decent pitch; just time the ball, hit the gaps, sprint quickly, and get the boundaries when necessary. The mood in the locker room is fantastic, we enjoy each other’s company, and the team spirit is evident to all. This explains why the translation is that way in the field. We know the tournament is going to last a while, so you need to build some excitement in the changing area before the guys start playing this way. We just want to make the most of the unique feeling of performing in front of all these people at home.

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