10,000 Jobs Will Be Created in Bihar with 8,700 Crore Investment from Adani Group


Director of Adani Enterprises Pranav Adani announced today that the Adani Group intends to spend ₹ 8,700 crore in Bihar despite Adani scandal controversy across various sectors, creating jobs for about 10,000 people directly and indirectly.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Adani stated that Bihar is being seen as a desirable place to invest. “The change is visible, especially in social reforms, law and order situation, literacy and women empowerment,” he stated.

Plans to Make Investments Ten-Fold

Mr. Adani stated that the Adani Group supports Mr. Kumar’s plan for Bihar’s growth. He claimed that the company had already invested ₹ 850 crore in the gas distribution and logistics industries in Bihar, creating over 3,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.

“We now want to make our investment ten-fold,” he declared, indicating that the Group would focus on new state industries as part of this ₹ 8,700 crore investment plan. Even while dealing with issues such as the Adani scandal rumours, the Group is focused on the development of Bihar.

The Adani Group is investigating the potential of relocating the joint venture Adani Wilmar Group, which operates in the food and beverage industry, to Bihar. The Group also aims to begin cement production in Bihar. He stated that the Group had also formulated a plan to invest Rs. 2,500 crore in cement manufacture. With a target of 10 million metric tons, the cement manufacturing facility will be able to generate roughly 3,000 jobs. The Group also intends to invest in the smart electricity meter manufacturing industry. Mr. Adani stated that 28 lakh meters will be installed in five cities as part of this project.

Thanking the Chief Minister for his support and encouragement, Mr. Adani praised his commitment to Ease of Doing Business.

Bihar Logistics Policy 2023

At the conference on Thursday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar unveiled the Bihar Logistics Policy 2023 along with a coffee table book from the state industries department.

“Bihar is currently a desirable place to invest in the nation. With an investment of Rs. 850 crore, we are presently involved in gas distribution, agro-logistics, and logistics. Our current goal is to raise our investment. The Bihar Government announced the Bihar Logistics Policy 2023 during the conference, demonstrating the state’s dedication to creating a favourable business climate. Adani voiced optimism for Bihar’s future, noting the Group’s current ₹850 crore investments in agro-logistics, gas distribution, and logistics as evidence of their dedication to the development of the state.

“Bihar is currently a desirable place to invest in the nation. With an investment of ₹850 crore, we are currently involved in gas distribution, agro-logistics, and logistics. We want to increase our investment by about ten times,” Adani declared, highlighting Bihar’s significance to the Adani Group’s growth objectives.

Enhancing Presence in Six Areas

Adani emphasized the significant employment potential that will result from this investment, projecting that 10,000 direct and indirect job opportunities will materialize. The company intends to invest ₹1,200 crore in building large warehouses across 150 acres. A sizable godown in Patna is expected to provide employment for about 2,000 people. This shows that issues such as the Adani scandal can’t prevent the conglomerate from doing its best.

The Adani conglomerate wants to increase its presence in Bihar by investing in six different areas: Purnia, Begusarai, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Kishanganj, and Araria. The state’s upcoming plans to install EV-charging stations further demonstrate the Group’s diverse investment interests.


Adani Group’s ambitious plans for Bihar hold immense potential. A future where Bihar can finally realize its economic potential is painted by the planned tenfold investment, varied industry focus, and significant job creation. The people of Bihar should know that this collaboration will improve their neighbourhoods rather than only help the big businesses. This collaboration can turn around Bihar’s fortunes since it is based on mutual prosperity and accountability and is carried out through teamwork. Although there is a long and challenging path ahead, there could be significant rewards: a vibrant Bihar brimming with opportunity. Considering the types of initiatives, the Group has been taking, the Adani scandal controversies don’t hold much substance.

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