How Physiotherapy Can Help in Transforming the Health of Women?


When it comes to women’s health, physiotherapy has a critical role to play. This is a holistic approach that can be followed to address different concerns such as post-natal care, pelvic floor health, bowel issues, menopause management, and so on. Some leading and the best physiotherapists in Delhi offer women-centric physiotherapy solutions. They offer bespoke exercises and interventions to cater to the precise needs of a woman. This is the best way to promote optimal functions, improve quality of life, offer instant pain relief, and more. To find out more about women’s health and physiotherapy, keep on reading this post.

What does mean by physiotherapy for women’s health?

This is nothing but a dedicated branch of physiotherapy. It is focused on addressing women-specific healthcare concerns and issues. Women’s health physiotherapy evolves around three major steps. This includes the evaluation or assessment of the issue. Secondly, suggest suitable treatment plans. Lastly, offering the relevant support so that the current situation can become better and further complications can be avoided.

This physiotherapy treatment branch provides support to women going through different health and related issues. A good physiotherapist in Vasant Kunj can address and offer solutions for pregnancy and related concerns, menopause management, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and so on.

What is the role of physiotherapy in pregnancy?

Physiotherapy is a complete solution for would-be moms as it has the best and safest treatment options. Right from pre-natal care to post-pregnancy support, physiotherapy has a lot to offer. Check out the following to find out more:

  • Pre-natal care

We all know that a woman’s body undergoes several musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy. This is the point where physiotherapy can ease this transition. By consulting a good physiotherapist, you can get the right solutions for the ongoing issues. They will first address concerns such as discomfort, posture-related problems, core health, and so on to make your pregnancy a healthy one. Above all, they will help you learn relaxation techniques so that you can have a smooth pregnancy.

  • Obstetric care

This is the care that is offered to the expectant mother during pregnancy, labor, and after childbirth. This is necessary to ensure that the baby and the mom are fine. This care includes prenatal & postnatal exercises, pain management, recovery post-childbirth, and so on. By having complete care throughout the pregnancy, physiotherapy is the best option to provide women with optimal health and achieve greater pain relief.

  • Pre-partum and postpartum

The best physiotherapy center in Delhi has a great role when it comes to supporting a woman facing difficult phases before and after childbirth. Before delivery, a woman goes through extensive musculoskeletal modifications. Hence, proper physical activities, postures, and the right diet are needed to stay strong. With physiotherapy, you will get exercises and techniques to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles to relax better. Talking about postpartum, physiotherapy involves support for pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, and issues associated with breastfeeding.

What conditions are treated through physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy for women’s health is a perfect solution for a number of conditions. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Exercises for pelvic floor
  • Pregnancy soft tissue manipulation
  • Back pain management during pregnancy
  • Plugged or blocked/mastitis ducts
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Urge fecal incontinence
  • Stress incontinence
  • Abdominal or rectus diastasis separation
  • Overactive bladder
  • Underactive pelvic floor
  • Pre-natal and post childbirth exercises
  • Urethral and bladder discomfort
  • Sudden or frequent urges to urinate
  • Uncontrolled bladder
  • Mixed incontinence
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Uncontrolled bowels and other related issues
  • Issues associated with bowel, bladder, vagina, uterus, rectum, etc.
  • Muscular weakness, pain, and tightness
  • Vagina and vulvar pain
  • Discomfort and pain while urinating
  • Pregnancy pain, discomfort, and dysfunction
  • Congestive decongestive therapy
  • Lymphedema management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lower back pain before and after delivery
  • Menopause and related issues
  • Dysmenorrhea

Who can get benefits from women’s health physiotherapy?

Be it dry needling in Delhi or any other type of physiotherapy solution, it is considered the best option for the following:

  • Almost every would-be mom can extract maximum benefits from physiotherapy. Whether it is back pain, lower back pain, sleep-related issues, neck pain, or overall health, it is an outstanding solution.
  • In case you are planning to get pregnant, you can go for physiotherapy. Through this, you can address and fix musculoskeletal issues, strengthen the muscles of pelvic, and make overall health better. This will not only enhance the chances of conceiving but also ensure a smooth childbirth journey.
  • After childbirth, a woman’s body goes through countless changes. With the best physiotherapist in Delhi, you can regain strength, make your pelvic floor strong, reduce postpartum pain and discomfort, and so on. This is quite effective for natural and C-Section birth moms.

Final thoughts

Apart from expectant moms, non-pregnant ones can also avail of the benefits attached. To get the best solutions for physiotherapy for women’s health, you must connect with PHYSIOREVIVE. It is a trusted and prominent center offering the best treatment plans. The certified and well-trained members can also alter the solutions to meet the evolving needs of a client.

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